One-stop Trusteeship

1) . long term stable rental income, no vacancy.
2) . free fine decoration, designed by famous designers.
3) . hotel management, effective operation system.
4) . regular in-depth cleaning, regular home appliance maintenance and maintenance.


1) . intelligent management system service, real-time supervision of each set of housing.
2) . standardized decoration services, customized, strict quality control of housing quality.
3) . one to one housekeeper service, exclusive housekeeper, responsible for solving all problems during house custody.


1) The rent should be paid on time, waiting for collection and stabilizing the income.   
2) . flexible lease term from 3 years, rent increase after 3 years.   
3) From RMB 4000, new brand furniture and home appliances will be presented free of charge.

Tenants Assurance

1) . high quality tenants.    
2) . strictly control the number of residents.     
3) . not to be rented to the unit as staff dormitory