Shanghai pond science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has an office address at 9 / F and 17 / F (9e17b) of Zhongxi building, No. 121-123, Jiangsu Road, Changning District, Shanghai. Hanchuan real estate, the predecessor of pond, has been operating in the regional market for nearly 10 years, especially in Jing'an and Changning District, with considerable market influence and public praise.

      We have been deeply engaged in the market segmentation. The main housing source is the whole rent. The housing type covers one house, two houses, three houses, one house accounts for more than 50%. 90% of the tenants are foreign employees and white-collar enterprises. We have served nearly 1000 customers, and the satisfaction of the owners and tenants is high.

       The company has realized the fine operation of decoration and operation, formed its own business data model and design style, and created its own product design advantages and brand recognition in the fierce market competition. At the same time, these two also form a strong support for the company's further accelerated development.

Mission: Finding the business balance between art and space

Vision: Build an iconic residence brand of large scale & high impact

Corporate Values: Sincerity, Integrity, Aesthetics, Energy